Our Services

Server Maintenance

  • Keeping a server hardware and software updated and running
  • Reviewing the server’s performance
  • identifying potential security risks.
  • Data Backup and Restoration Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning


  • Updating computer components
  • Taking care of the computer’s physical components
  • Keeping them clean and avoiding extreme temperature 
  • Build customized computers altered for your needs

Web Design

  • Build website using Dot Net and WordPress with APIs
  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Website Integrations
  • web applications 
  • front-end and back-end web development

IP Camera Plan

  • Indoor security cameras installation
  • Mobile phone configuration 
  • Surveillance Hard Drive Installation & scheduling for recording

Database Design

  • SQL database design 
  • SQL server reporting service development 
  • SQL server integration  
  • SQL programming


  • In-house application using C#
  • MS office programming
  • Automate your tedious tasks 
  • Enhance your existing applications 
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